Rain Lock

by eponnn
created Jul 23, 2020
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said Jul 23, 2020
Good map. The gameplay felt sorta awkward at certain places. Generally I would avoid having slimes in maps at all as they just suck. Was ok in this map, but be careful with them.

Not too much of a fan with the layer 20 stuff you got going on. If you were to use it please have it a bit brighter / darker. I had occasions where i dustspreaded without knowing because of the layer 20. If it is a different shade you can expect that it might be hard to see. In this case with the fog trigger i would suggest trying different types of the bricks on layer 19.
said Jul 23, 2020
Yeah i hate slimes just wanted a change :)
I thought i didn't have layer 20 in the edges, must have missed it...
said Jul 23, 2020
f-first try...
said Jul 23, 2020
I liked this level quite a bit.  I found the springblobs were actually used in a really cool way.  The double spring blob was super cool actually imo.  The visuals and custom sounds are really cool and make playing the level all the more enjoyable.

For some constructive feedback:
1. Delotrix mentioned it but there were some layer 20 tiles that covered dust if you spread it wrong
2. if you fall from above down where this arrow is pointing https://imgur.com/a/YIAKEDg you will death warp to the previous checkpoint.  If your dead body hits a checkpoint, it still gives you the checkpoint (see moon temple any%).  This actually happened to me in a casual run, so it isnt something that 100% wouldnt happen ever.  Just keep an eye out for checkpoints you can fall into from a death zone.
3. There was a slight green effect when hitting enemies, wasn't sure if it was a mistake or not, but just noticed it.

Overall I think this might (again) be your strongest map.  Your past 4 have shown huge improvement.  Its super cool you aren't scared of trying new ideas that might be tricky to figure out at first (custom music, lightning, etc.), and I hope you continue to experiment.  Thanks for the map.
said Jul 24, 2020
Thanks for the long explanation, i checked layer 20 thing it's really bad i thought i deleted the problematic parts.
Also forgot about that checkpoint. i was supposed to put floor there :)
I don't see any green effect, i think some effects are not visible in my game because i messed with the game files too much some things don't work or changed randomly, Dustmod also messed up somethings i was using custom trashking as kid skin, i removed it now all city enemies have trashkings attacks etc :')

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