Forest Cluster

by DrPhineas
created Oct 6, 2012
376 views | 638 downloads

/ 4 votes

/ 4 votes

map notes
I really enjoyed the maps where you had to clear the room.  So I made one.


said Oct 6, 2012
I really enjoy these too! This one has some fun enemy clusters to fight, too. Still, though: the dustblocks behind walls and spikes kind of annoyed me, because it severely limits the ways you can go through the level (you HAVE to use the super attack at a specific spot at the right end). Also, spawning right into enemies is not the best idea.

That said, these kind of levels are cool and I hope to see more of them :)
said Oct 6, 2012
Thanks for the input :D  I'll be sure to pay attention to that and try something different the next time.  I also think that there should be some more of these.  Just the four from the creators aren't enough ;)
said Oct 6, 2012
We don't get many good custom combat levels, so good job!
Some parts are rather hard to reach or traverse, though. Remember the more accessible the terrain, the more fun it is for people to route.
said Oct 6, 2012
I'll keep that in mind while building the next maps.

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