Cotton Candy

by mistabean.
created May 30, 2020
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map notes
Sorry that this is on a new acc, i cannot log in to my old one because of some stuff. i may be uploading full time on this one.

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said Jun 1, 2020
This and the other map you just made are my favorite two so far. This one I had 2 small issues with otherwise it's my favorite map you've made so far.

Issue 1. The background contrasts the foreground too much or too little a lot of the time, the sharpness is nice but its rough on the eyes and the maps visibility suffers. (can't see shit)

Issue 2. There's a section right at the end where you boost straight into spikes, which feels really  strange. 2 Possible ways to fix this is lower the spikes all 1 tile however this might disrupt the gameplay you were going for, so the second way you could fix this is to add a light prism to hit as you boost off. The slight hitrise would put you above the spikes.

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