dream atrium

by chipi
created May 27, 2020
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map notes
ok so like last night i had this dream that i don't remember much of but like bubs had made these nutty new strats on atrium and was grinding out for a nutty 4 second ss and i woke up and was like damn i wonder if those dream strats are actually like fast but it turns out that dream atrium is like not even remotely similar to actual atrium so i made atrium except in my dream oh also for some reason bubs just like lived in my house in a room that doesn't exist???? like some non euclidean tardis room idk lol

edit like literally minutes later: now that i actually even lik elook at the level, what the fuck was dream bubs thinking, like the shit he was doing just doesn't fucking make sense how was he getting 4 second sses this is fucked

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said May 27, 2020
LOL what

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