Super Dustforce Bros rough draft

by Q
created Oct 3, 2012
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/ 2 votes

map notes
This map is a recreation of the classic first level of Super Mario Bros. It's also my first Dustforce map. I'm calling this one a work-in-progress.

I wanted to include some entities to stand in for the Goombas and Koopa Troopa, but I couldn't decide on which ones to use. If I get a chance to rework the map, I'll try to include them. I also plan to add clouds and bushes to the background to improve the visuals and I may revise the dust placement.

I appreciate all constructive criticism.

Edit: And it looks like I didn't properly set the music up. I'll fix that in the next release too.
edited Oct 3, 2012


said Oct 4, 2012
You should probably know there's a 1-1 remake that exists already:

That said, this one plays a lot more like a Dustforce map. Put that flag on a pole!
said Oct 4, 2012
Thanks. I searched for "mario" before I started, but didn't see anything. Apparently it's because that person didn't put mario anywhere in their description.

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