said Apr 22, 2020
Dude what the fuck is this garbage, did you just smash your face on the keyboard and hit publish? Like how do you go from making a map that is finally not trash to making map choices and layout decisions that are this retarded. I'm completely dumbfounded and getting a headache even trying to comprehend how you could make something this shit. I WILL NOT be playing this again, and therefore if you want to watch me struggle through this shit mess feel free my replay will stay. As much as it may seem i'm trying to be mean, i'm not, i'm trying to make sure you understand how bad this kind of thing is so you don't do it again.

Edit: I also can't see shit, had to stand and observe the next section ahead of time to have any hope because nothing was distinguishable
Dawn to Dusk
said Apr 22, 2020
Good map
said Apr 22, 2020
too easy, the blinding white background is a nice touch 5/5

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