An Evening Walk

by JumpButtonCM
created Oct 2, 2012
287 views | 635 downloads

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map notes
Just a decently lengthy standard level. Tough to beat, but not really difficult.


said Oct 2, 2012
I can see what your ideas are here, but the map is far, far too long, and to gather all the dust you need to often go out of your way to manually clean everything, because it doesn't come with the way you'd prefer to go. There was also rather much of it - I ended up resorting to using supers a lot to clear to dust, which it better.
said Oct 2, 2012
Not gonna lie, the reason there's so much dust is because originally the map was non-linear. I forgot to clear out most of the stuff that originally required multiple paths to get to, resulting in a large surplus of hard to get dust, and too much dust to begin with. This ended up being more me just screwing around with the map editor for a few hours rather than anything decent or complete.

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