Way of the Ninja

by Alexspeedy
created Jan 9, 2020
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map notes
I present the rope-dart from The Messenger! Press taunt to throw the "dart" (questionable naming, it definitely looks more like a claw of some description...) into a wall and let it pull you at high speed to your destination!

The first time I encountered this game was AGDQ 2019, and at the time I made a quick prototype for this map but then did nothing with it. I finally got around to polishing it up with better mechanics, pretty graphics and even some sound effects! :o

This map is mainly just a tutorial covering the new mechanic, and I will hopefully be making a more interesting (harder) map soon.

Finally, please feel free to steal this script! I would love to see what interesting stuff you all can come up with!


said Jan 9, 2020
I have really been enjoying your latest few maps. I would not mind seeing more of this kinda style as it's pretty cool. Great map.
said Jan 9, 2020
this is really cool
said Jan 10, 2020
Awesome. I really like the simplicity of it and yet there's definitely possibility for this to get really intense. Looking forward to more of this :D.

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