by Delo
created Nov 10, 2019
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map notes
Made an attempt at making a hard map, although, it did not end up that hard. Map was supposed to be a sewer themed map but changed my mind and went from the suggestion by mattermonkey.

Thanks simon for testing and doing camera work for me, really appreciated.

tweaked one of c's fogs with permission, however, it might not be very close to the origin of it.
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edit: I should add that the map has an alternate way of doing any%
edited Nov 10, 2019


said Nov 10, 2019
Even if it isn't as hard as you intended, it's still a really solid level. Plays like something from CC2, I really like it.
said Nov 12, 2019
Very good, this one goes up on the shelf with Signal and Coloboma and such
said Nov 25, 2019
I really like this map

There are a few things that bug me though: 1) The dust on the walls that forces you to light attack really doesn't add anything other than forcing you to memorize where it is. This wouldn't be a problem, but in this map there's way too much--it's like on every wall. 2) The particles on dustblocks are hard to see and blend in with the background so they look like normal tiles and I run into them when you need to attack them.

These are minor things and after you're familiar with the map they're not issues but things to keep in mind.

The gameplay of the map is hella solid though so well done :)


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