Crystal mines

by sheilalpoint
created Sep 9, 2019
322 views | 508 downloads

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map notes
Dustkid only but you're Dustworth and Dustman for a few frames. :)

Delotrix did all of the art i did the gameplay

edited Sep 9, 2019


said Sep 9, 2019
I cant seem to download ur game and some other games. is there a reason why or an alternative to downloading?
said Sep 10, 2019
in order to play any levels tagged with "dustmod", (and a few levels that people accidentally forget to tag) you need to get dustmod. you can find a download for it here:

If you have any issues setting it up, or just want to talk about mapmaking, join our discord!
said Sep 10, 2019
thaks 4 ur help but i still dont get it. i tried to download dustmod, but what do i do after that? do i drag it into the dustforce contents?
said Sep 10, 2019
Yeah you want to extract the contents of that zip into your dustforce folder. the dustmod.exe should end up in the same place as the dustforce.exe, and the content folders should merge. Then you should be able to run dustmod.exe

You'll have to run it as admin once to make the atlas buttons work so you can download maps
edited Sep 11, 2019

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