Snow Cave

by Delo
created Jul 30, 2019
401 views | 491 downloads

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map notes
Climbing map made with worth in mind, though, all other characters are possible to SS with.

Thanks to Temp, chipi and mizzy for play testing.
Also thanks to C for giving the script.
edited Aug 1, 2019


said Jul 30, 2019
Great map, but the second turkey is such a fucking pain with dustman to up heavy because of the movement cycle of the animal floating. However you designed it for the old man and considering the rest of the level works out kind of nicely with dustman in the sense that you have to think about how to handle some parts you made a 5/5 level my friend

edit: now that I learned the proper strats I feel like an idiot because the cycle is fine as is
edited Jul 30, 2019
said Jul 30, 2019
It's a dustworth map tho so it makes sense it'd be awkward as man
said Jul 31, 2019
Yes I mentioned that but the thing is it plays very well with dustman except, so I thought and later being proven wrong, the first part. So all and all it could be a dustman level as well which is pretty nice!

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