training season 03

by KuroiArt
created Sep 28, 2012
352 views | 760 downloads

/ 9 votes

/ 9 votes

map notes
Training Season 03
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Created for players that want to practice their skill after tutorial and have some fun.

note: uses skill that are required to pass season 01 and season 02


said Sep 28, 2012
Beautiful set of levels you have made, relaxing to play and it's fun at the same time :)
said Sep 28, 2012
Yeah, this was a great idea!  Newbies need fun levels, too!  You've made some beautiful maps, and if you make some harder ones of the same quality I'll be happy :)
said Sep 28, 2012
Thank You very much! I'm a newbie - started yesterday and found game very frustrating since the levels are quite hard for beginners. Decided to make my own set of newbie maps until I get some skill and be able to complete harder ones. Then maybe I'll be able to create my own Hardcore Style maps. ;)

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