by Skyhawk
created May 27, 2019
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map notes
quick gimmick map. might be a bit frustrating?
Thanks to Alexspeedy for testing.

The goal is to get the enemies to attack your redirected quills. there are boxes showing roughly where you can redirect from for the map to work.

idk how to do virtual art


said May 27, 2019
I love this! I like the marked areas for where you have to hit the quill, but I think the trash bear should have had something similar. The timing is very weird, I would've liked a "Be there when quill is here" kinda marking. Maybe two lines like this ( ) to show the player where he and the quill needs to be for the  bear to hit.
Will SS soon, when I get the timing on the bear and the boost on top.
said May 27, 2019
ive had this exact idea too a few years ago when i saw that enemies can redirect the quills too but i was too lazy to figure something fun out with it. thank you
said May 28, 2019
Super Administrator
Cool stuff.

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