Emerald Grapes

by Kuitar
created Mar 2
82 views | 52 downloads

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map notes
My (bad) attempt at a more "tech/high apm" map like czyys's maps but a bit easier.

SS-able with every character but it was more tailored to man/girl so worth/kid are probably going to be awkward at spots, don't h8 m8.


said Mar 3
This is medium to hard at least, surely. Took me about 10 mins to work out what route I wanted to take, but wasn't bad after that. Definitely had fun with it. Nice gameplay, nice visuals, a lot of potential routes. NiceMan.
said Mar 3
But the medium-to-hard tag looks ugly af (^:
Also I felt like, in most spots, you can cheese/go slowly and it makes it not too hard to execute, I guess the puzzle nature of this kind of maps do make the routing harder.
said Mar 3
It's certainly what i'd consider medium for ol dustkid.  Actually on the easy side of medium for her going slow.

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