Virtually Verdant

by MNTempest
created Feb 3, 2019
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map notes
Shoutouts to C for making it pretty. <3
retagged Dec 23, 2020


said Feb 3, 2019
Visibility is kind of weird. Nearly impossible to differentiate between dustblocks and surfaces with dust on them. Of course after the first dustblock this is learned, but still. The surfaces that are spikeless also are inconsistent. The grass behind the third spikeless surface (it's in the thumbnail) is brighter than the grass behind the first two spikeless surfaces, so it's kind of hard to tell what is spikeless sometimes. (The same problem occurs on a few more spikeless surfaces.)

Otherwise after learning the level it's really fun. Great playing it.
said Feb 4, 2019
My favorite map, gameplay-wise, in a while.

As for the the visibility, I didn't have any issues with dustblocks, they were obvious enough to me from the start. But a few spikeless sides weren't always instantly noticeable. Which isn't a problem past the first attempt anyway and I know about reducing visibility a little bit to make stuff pretty, which is fine to an extend, and this is definitely not too much.
said Feb 4, 2019
Really fun map, enjoyed testing initially, but then C's art was absolutely stunning (really like the color scheme, reminds me a bit of Star Dust). The gameplay kinda reminds me of a czyys map what with constantly doing some sort of attack or whatever, except easier. Because of that I can actually execute the strats on it lol.

Overall really fun and fantastic map.
said Feb 22, 2019
Absolutely gorgeous. Nice gameplay. Really nice job all around.
said Apr 28, 2021
super sick

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