map notes
I hope this works...

This is a years worth of procrastination and janky scripting to become the world's biggest pile of shit. It is the end level for my abandoned nexus and has pieces of every zone in it. I didn't plan it out very well so some sections are short and others are long with no real rhyme or reason to it, it just happened. It should be relatively easy for each individual section but since it is a 5 minute map the difficulty goes a tier up. So expect... medium to hard I guess. Apple SS is literally going to be your worst nightmare so don't try it unless you're into torturing yourself. Thank you C for putting up with me asking a lot of dumb questions and for giving me the script for the keys, torches, and bridge.  And also thank you to Meark for making the secret which I encourage you guys to check out!

Reuploaded because i forgot about a small if statement I had commented out...


said Dec 29, 2018
said Dec 29, 2018
I was wondering when this would be published :D Great work as always Towelie and I hope you guys check that secret out.

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