Dont touch the red

by Maddy_
created Nov 14, 2018
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map notes
Done during my stream!


said Nov 14, 2018
my first attempt i went left :(
said Nov 14, 2018
I will fix that in the next level, then! Probably with an arrow or something. :3
said Nov 14, 2018
Fun map!  I think fireball's comment could be fixed with adding a camera possibly.  It would let a player see more of the map to make informed decisions, and it makes it look a bit more polished.  They are honestly p tricky though, so ask for help in #mapmaking if you need it.  Looking at other maps would be a decent spot to start figuring them out.
said Nov 14, 2018
Definitely gonna add a camera in the next map! I've experimented with cameras in previous maps, so I know a little. I'd love to ask someone, but I'm not actually sure where. You mentioned #mapmaking, which makes me think. Is there a discord I could join? Still kinda new to the game and this whole community, so I'd appreciate some help!
mizzy ✘˵╹◡╹˶✘
said Nov 14, 2018 is the dustforce discord!
said Nov 14, 2018
Thank you for the link!!!

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