Sky Crags

by krackocloud
created Sep 17, 2012
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map notes
It's a very... Green map. Yep.

Also, there's four secrets. They're not too hard to find.
retagged Sep 18, 2012


said Sep 17, 2012
Oh man, My favorite color is green! :)
This map was pretty tricky for me, as there were a couple of sections that required some strange precision (or at least not what I was expecting).  I loved the theme, and once I figured it out the flow was great.  Splendid work!
said Sep 17, 2012
said Sep 17, 2012
I should note that the star settings in the trigger were really iffy. Has anyone else had problems with them too?
-The stars don't show up initially. May have to put in an identical trigger to get it to work.
-The top two star meters work, but the bottom's stars don't appear
said Sep 18, 2012
I've encountered this problem too while making my Tower map. If I would make a second trigger, the stars would just revert to the first trigger. In my case, none of the 3 stars sliders would work. In the end, I just ended up leaving them out.

I have a feeling something breaks and the stars setting will get "stuck" and then can never change. I also think the cause has something to do with the steam overlay, maybe. My keybind for that is Ctrl+Tab, I was talking to my one of my friends when making that map, and that was when I first noticed the trigger breaking.
said Sep 18, 2012
Interesting. Thanks for the pointer.
said Sep 18, 2012
Great level!
said Sep 18, 2012
Thanks :J
said Sep 19, 2012
Beautiful map and Elvish Piper Academy at last, thanx! ;)
said Sep 20, 2012
Awesome level!

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