Rainbow Rush

by C
created May 13, 2018
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map notes
Dustmod recommended but should be playable in vanilla.

Just a random idea I had so here's a rainbow themed map.
I wasn't sure if I was 100% happy with the gameplay, and it was kind of a quick map - once again other characters weren't test so sorry if it sucks for you.

If anybody's interested, you can find the script for the rainbows here: https://gist.github.com/cmann1/19f2fa5c9d6f5241794c30f29e89d3c9
Just copy both files to your levels or scripts folder, then include RainbowStream.cpp and compile.
edited May 13, 2018


said May 13, 2018
Probably not Towelie
said May 13, 2018
was hoping for a secret that involved this
said May 13, 2018
really fun map.

kinda wish the dust stood out a little bit more though, i had a lot of AS's where i wasn't sure where i was losing it (probably dust on one of the last ceilings)

edit:woops was playing on vanilla :P looks fine in dustmod
edited May 14, 2018
said May 14, 2018
Oh yeah sorry about that, I had to make some sacrifices on vanilla to make this one look the way I wanted.
said Jul 21, 2018

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