by RalphsNadir
created Apr 30, 2018
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map notes
Only the avatar, master of all 4 brooms

Workin on some other experimental character maps 1/3
I think others could execute this idea better / more cleverly but I'd love to see more of this type.
retagged Apr 30, 2018


Probably not Towelie
said Apr 30, 2018
well thats super cool, great first map
said Apr 30, 2018
Only complaints are that the camera could be a tiny bit more zoomed out to see the border better, and that I wish the fog trigger wasnt so dark. even just dragging the sliders for layers 18 and 19 all the way to the left would help a lot. besides that, awesome map! cool concept
Shin Rekkoha
said May 4, 2018
The fog trigger definitely needs work, it's really amazing how many first maps make this exact mistake.  Layer 19 is 50% black... for no reason.  If it didn't happen constantly and wasn't so trivial to fix, I would be more inclined to not comment on it.

Please learn how fog triggers work.

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