Descent Ascent

by Linley
created Apr 7, 2018
68 views | 242488 downloads

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map notes
thanks ahllkys for camera work

this is more fun than hideout


said Apr 8, 2018
Love the gameplay.

Making a camera for this kind of map seems really hard, cause it has to keep track of the current section, but then when you fall into a new section the camera doesnt really have time to catch up, making it kind of pseudo-blind drop.Took me a few tries to remember which part came when, so I could SS it. I dont think zooming out would help much, and force nodes would be too jumpy, so I'm not sure how it could be changed.
said Apr 8, 2018
detach and connect node combos with their leniency going in the routes direction are best suited for these decent type maps with out an insane cam size.
It stops the camera from going back up for looping sections and can create faster snaps than interest nodes for drops.

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