Green Hill Zone

by Kuitar
created Apr 2
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map notes
Music :

At first I was wondering why no one had made a level with Sonic's green hill art style but after working a bit on it... I realized how annoying that was. I'm okay with the end result though. Some stuff ain't perfect, but y'all will have to live with it.

Feel free to steal the fog trigger and the props to create your own sonic level. (they're all well separated on the left of the level)
retagged Apr 2


said Apr 2
said Apr 2
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 2
Viciously awesome, much fast.  The thumbnail got me more excited than any other map in a long time.  I wish it was a big longer, but we can all SANIC now so soon it might be.
edited Apr 3
said Apr 3
Thanks and yeah it was more of a proof of concept for the art style so gameplay was more of a second hand thought.

Also I was kind of scared of the numbers of props this was going to have too.
edited Apr 3
said Apr 3
Amazing concept
said Apr 3
damn this is nice work!
said Apr 4
Great map, fun, little short but I've tried doing art like this before and it was really frustratingly slow to to make so I don't blame you. (at least tiling wise)

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