by Mrfirestorm
created Mar 6
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map notes
full title: The eclipse comes during raids on the ruins

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Hopefully the rain doesn't cause too much lag for people :/

I did this map over the course of the day, gameplay took a few hours off and on doing and, with a couple of helpers from stream chat. Other than that I did the art over the course of two hours? (I usually take breaks while map making). Thanks to C for letting me copy the template design for a concept he sent to me awhile. Hopefully I did it justice!

Also, this map was pretty much only tested with man and girl, but given the layout worth is likely faster and easier. (I actually forgot to test it with kid, because the map doesn't really work for her if you're going fast but I did a run afterwards and it worked fine)

If the lag related to rain is a big issue let me know, I'll remove all the rain and reupload it and link in this this description
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said Mar 6
oh no
said Mar 6
Oh yea!
said Mar 7
it's like dark advanced tutorial
said Mar 7
Haha somewhat, can definitely see it.
said Mar 12
All-around solid air control map

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