The Rose of Maine

by Kuitar
created Feb 18, 2018
368 views | 1703 downloads

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map notes
Dustmod required (it'd look retarded otherwise... also what are you doing without dustmod? smh)

Decided to go back to some unfinished maps.

Gameplays was done already a long time ago so it's nothing crazy but I tried to make it pretty at least. (^:

edit: also there's a secret I guess
edited Feb 18, 2018


said Feb 18, 2018
i like the orange glowing stuff
said Feb 18, 2018
Super Administrator
Agreed, the orange ore looks great.
Probably not Towelie
said Feb 18, 2018
Nice map, i guess the level 20 stuff isnt that big of deal in the long run but it threw me off at first

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