by MNTempest
created Feb 16, 2018
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spoopy lab easy

map notes
made a thing.

tried to make it spoopy, but i'm pretty bad at art :/

anyways, hope you enjoy any and all feedback is appreciated.


said Feb 16, 2018
the flow seemed really off and symmetry bug made the end REALLY annoying
and i dont like 1 tile slopeboosts (at the start)
good art tho
said Feb 16, 2018
I liked it :)

Well, not the 1 tile slopeboost, but the rest of the map was pretty nice.  It didn't feel spoopy, it felt very dilapidated, which is still a great effect even if that's not what your intention was.
said Feb 17, 2018
I was a little spoopied but thats cause i had to spike jump at the end when i almost died
said Feb 18, 2018
Pretty good, I liked this one a lot. Good gameplay and looked really nice.

And the one tile boosts was easy so I think it was fine.
said Feb 18, 2018
thx C.  Idk what the big deal about this 1 tile boost is, its easy to grind right at the start, and I think i spaced it out pretty well.
said Feb 18, 2018
I don't like 1 tile boosts because (in my opinion) they don't add any opportunity for improvement to a run.  They are only a trap for screwing up.

It could be (probably is) that I'm just bad at using them.

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