heck in a handbasket

by mizzy ✘˵╹◡╹˶✘
created Feb 12
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map notes
no jorfs, no tera drops, dustworth only, not sorry

thx ibums for playtesting! (my b i forgot)

timmy did something good on him
edited Feb 19


said Feb 12
watch your language
said Feb 12
did I playtest this like a year ago?
iirc you opened it and called it terrible without having played it, so to answer your question yes you playtested it extensively
said Feb 12
Handbasket... don't know how to get to the bottom left with an air charge... and maybe I'm missing a refresh somewhere?
this map was just a super quick test to see if i could make something unreasonable without any of the traditional frame precise stuff, it isn't really for playing :p. http://atlas.dustforce.com/7516/xln-feg for getting to the bottom left with an air charge if you aren't using that wall interaction already
said Feb 14
Oh ok, that's not what I was doing at all... I was jumping in the middle of the shaft to reset the vertical speed... haha, that's an interesting mechanic I have no idea what it's doing, but it seems to work.

I guess now I have to get the last few pixels on this mapler...
said Feb 13
figured out a fair bit of the start except for the drop right after the 2 dustblocks.  is there a more consistent way to get this drop or is it just tapping left at the right time?  i experimented with a few weird tech things i knew (including the weird dash+jump+downdash thing while sliding down a wall) but i managed to fall halfway through at one point while doing something weird before i panicked and ate shit, couldnt figure out how i did it though.  hint?
the part at the start? if you line up worth's feet with the top of that small concave you make it through if you do that wall thing and then hold left all the way down (kinda like this https://i.imgur.com/f5RVbHH.png ). it feels reasonably consistent to me but as ibums mentioned i've held on to this map for like a year so idk xd

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