by SubparFiddle
created Aug 26, 2012
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map notes
Brown and green and not much else...  I'm more proud of the colors than anything :)
retagged Jun 8, 2014


said Aug 26, 2012
Fun map.  Not a huge fan of brown as a color (in general), but I think the background is really cool.
said Aug 26, 2012
But alas, the color of dirt and poo;  Please do not look with distaste on so downtrodden a pigment :(
said Aug 27, 2012
Oh, the background is like Outer Wall background from Cave Story ^_^
said Aug 27, 2012
Ironically, I've been playing CS+ heavily and that wasn't my gut reaction; the aesthetics reminded me a lot of Super Meat Boy.
said Aug 27, 2012
Really liked this level.
said Aug 27, 2012
loved it :D nice one!
said Sep 17, 2012
The layout of this is amazing. Looks even better than the official levels.

Just wondering, though. How did you assign different colors to the ground, the character, and the leaves? I can't seem to figure out how to not make them all the same color.
said Oct 24, 2012
I'm not sure if you'll see this, but anyways...

The ground is layer 19 and the character is layer 18.  Just set the sliders on the fog filter all the way to the right and pick the colors you like.  
The ground and leaves are on the same layer, so you can't make them different colors.  This can be pretty frustrating; you have to make sure that the leaves are distinguishable by the silhouette they cast on the background color.
said Dec 6, 2012
This level smells like green apple and black cherry. Your level designs are awesome man.
said Jan 8, 2013
Maybe you need to clean your monitor.  Thanks, though!

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