Physics Fun

by Abu
created Jan 4, 2018
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map notes
A highly unorthodox map, exploring some of the functionality of dustmod's zPhysics trigger, and finding weird quirks within the dustforce engine itself.  There have been a few maps in the past that touched on this topic, such as "hit protomap" by Linley, and "The Jaunt" by C, but I wanted to push this trigger further.  This map is the result of that.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm outstrips my mapmaking skills (this is my first map!) and the core game was never really designed for the parameters you'll find in this map, so there are points where the game (and camera) will get a bit flaky.  I tried to minimize these instances as best I could, but they still exist here and there.  Here are a few known issues and observed oddities (and some slight speculation):

-Hitting an apple at a certain angle and/or speed will sometimes cause it to clip through layer 19 tiles.
-Sometimes, when moving at very high X axis velocities, your character will not stick to 45 degree slope changes.  For example, if you are moving up a 45 degree sloped hill at high speed, instead of reaching the top and then moving along the flat ground, when you reach the top you will sometimes fly off into the sky.  It seems as though some circumstances will keep your Y-axis velocity when you're supposed to be redirected to moving along only the X-axis.  This same phenomena can happen with ceiling slides, in that your character won't curl around a 45->0 degree slope change, and will instead launch downwards.
-Whether or not you can cling to 45 degree ceiling seems to be just a function of your character's Y-axis speeds.  There are times where your character will slam into a 45 degree ceiling at a high X-axis speed, and it certainly looks as though you would get a good hold on the ceiling, but you won't grab the ceiling because you are slightly descending.
-During the slowfall section, if you move against the right wall, you won't break the left most column, however if you move against the left wall, you'll break all 3 columns.  Perhaps it's related to the goofy lower-left-side-of-the-hitbox quirk that all characters have?  
-Again, during the slowfall section, you can break the bricks while wall sliding.  And once again, sliding on the left side breaks all columns, while sliding on the right breaks 2/3 columns.
-There is a hidden spot in the map where you can jump to a platform on the right, but can't make the jump back to the left, even though both platforms are completely stationary.
-At the top of the spike dodging chamber, just before the zPhysics trigger to reset physics back to normal, you can bonk your head on the 22.5 degree sloped ceiling and you'll just slide left and right along it, never descending.
-It's really easy to unload at the end of the map, and you may experience some performance issues with how far back the camera has to zoom.  I don't know of a good way to address either of these things, sorry :(

Alright, this is way too much text now.  Hope you enjoy the map!

Edit:  If there's any confusion on a section, I have done an SS and any% run demonstrating the designed/intended route.  I realize that a well-designed map generally shouldn't need this, but this map is a bit of an outlier.
edited Jan 5, 2018


said Jan 5, 2018
I fell out of the map 17 minutes in on the final part :(

Really fricken awesome map though
said Jan 5, 2018
Ok uh... first of all, that ascending section makes way more sense to just jump back and forth... haha.  I guess the mechanic I used is neat though.  

Second of all, going super fast at the end of the level is worth making its own levels entirely.  That is just plain awesome.
said Jan 5, 2018
Wow, yeah you played that in hard mode!
said Jan 5, 2018
Even with all the problems of this level I had an absolute blast playing it.

Well done.
said Jan 5, 2018
I haven't put a run in yet but i played it near the end.  really fun!  the ending is pretty fun but hard

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