Core Overload

by mister__simon
created Nov 6, 2017
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map notes
Definitely spent the most time on this map of all my maps. Originally started working on it as a test so I could look at sublayer stuff, ended up being so much more than that.

Could continue working on it, but I think it's ready. I really hope y'all like it!

Huge thanks to JM and Isa for testing.



said Nov 6, 2017
Akane't believe how many apples there are! It's Sirius'ly hard Topaz up a challenge like this, so Idared to try the apple SS. Getting that tera drop was like hitting the Pinova needle!

Only complaint I have is that it's kind of hard to distinguish the walls from the dustblocks the first time through, but once you know what's what it's not an issue.

Other than that, the map looks Pristine. I hope your maps are here to Stayman. enjoy your time in the Limelight, because you're Zestar.

(here's a list of apple names if anybody else wants it )
said Nov 7, 2017
Your comment will be the Envy of all others. It seems we have a Champion here.

Thanks, Skyhawk. Cheers for the feedback and the puns, definitely going to try to make more maps :D .

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