map notes
In the next episode of "worst job for the least money": an entire old French castle! You, valiant conqueror of skin particles and mite corpses, can do it all! The overgrown garden! The lofty hall (don't touch the paintings)! The huge library consisting of all issues of Trains Weekly (Hindi version)! The crumbling towers and roof! The creepy old caverns underneath that contain rotting corpses in centuries-old cages! Oh, and the vintage, unsecured wine cellar. Yeah, I thought you might take it.
retagged Aug 20, 2012


C. Cleveland
said Aug 18, 2012
good stuff. love the flow and asthetics. my only problem is at the bottom of the drop. i kept wondering why i couldnt SS it and i found out that if you hit a slope too fast than you actually miss a tiny piece of that dust platform that you ceiling run on. my time wouldve been much better.
said Aug 19, 2012
Awesome run!
C. Cleveland
said Aug 19, 2012
thanks! :D  im gonna keep goin as fast as i can until hopefully that lil dust cuts it out. and great description. hah. just saw it
said Aug 19, 2012
Dustkid almost catches up..! Gotta go faster! =P
C. Cleveland
said Aug 19, 2012
good run ted. i can easily play this map over and over. each time i find somethin that makse it a bit faster
Probably not Towelie
said Nov 11, 2012
that dust piece is killin' me :/
said Aug 19, 2012
Very nice views
said Aug 20, 2012
Your aesthetics are great as always. Personally I am not a big fan of longish maps but overall it was nice =)
edited Aug 20, 2012
said Feb 16, 2013
Love how you used the bookshelf tiles in this one, but in some areas it gets a little visually disorienting; at some points, you see them in both the foreground *and* background, but the difference in color is a little on the small side, making it difficult to discern where solid ground/walls are.

Other than that, it's a lovely map. You've got a fresh style that's all your own.

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