by Marfinator
created Aug 18, 2012
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map notes
First map for the second custom race!

This map was inspired by the Ascent map in the forest area, I wanted to make something nice and vertical. In keeping the level compact, I feel that the flow turned out really good for it. Plus it was quite easy to make with the limited time frame.

I must say though, I did not expect people to take the any% routes that they did during the race.

I decided to leave in the dust blocks at the top so that you'd be forced to use your super when you are the very end. Even so, Marksel still found a creative way to use the super at the end.
retagged Nov 27, 2014


said Aug 18, 2012
Good map, the only thing that i could question is the checkpoint after entering the tower seems superfluous.
said Aug 18, 2012
Please don't discourage Marf from adding more checkpoints.  :-(
C. Cleveland
said Aug 19, 2012
good stuff. but it actually makes my machine lag? almost every floor has a specific spot where it lags. its weird. but other than that. good map
edited Aug 19, 2012
said Aug 19, 2012
I'm using very large camera triggers to force the camera to stay locked as it goes up the tower. Maybe that may be why it lags as you go up the tower.

I also ran into some weird bug while making this map where I couldn't put stars in the sky. The trigger would just reset itself every time. Luckily, it seems to only be the stars that were bugging out. Maybe the fog trigger might be causing the lag as well though. It's hard to tell.
edited Aug 19, 2012
said Aug 20, 2012
Really liked the vertical gameplay.
said Mar 7, 2013
Oh, man... I was less than a hair's breadth away from finishing building a level that was virtually *exactly* like this when I stumbled upon this map. It was all vertical, it was mansion-themed, I put a flag at the top as the goal requirement, and was even going to call it the same thing: Tower.

I was pretty disappointed at my unoriginality, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the heck out of this one. It flows nicely despite the horizontal boundaries and it's just the right length. Absolutely loved it! (To be frank, this map is probably way better than mine was going to be, anyway.)

Edit: I'm still uploading mine, lol. I hope you get around to trying it out so you can give me some feedback!

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