Quadruple Framegrind

by Mattermonkey
created Aug 27, 2017
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map notes
Do you love framegrinds, but hate how short they are? I have attempted to remedy this issue by combining several framegrinds into one, large framegrind.

Dustmod required for a bunch of stuff, including sublayer fog, zcharacter triggers, and scripts.

I think it's working as intended, but I'm bad at programming, so there may be some issues.

Since it's a framegrind, I made a TAS. http://dustkid.com/replay/-9300332
edited Aug 27, 2017

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said Aug 29, 2017
I actually love the concept,. I'd love to see someone make a fully fledged map out of this. have short but still playable levels that are character specific it'd be so cool.

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