A Work of Art

by Skyhawk
created Jul 22, 2017
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map notes
Edit: If this map lags for you, please comment! its good to know how many props people can handle in case future projects get out of hand


Featuring the work of an obscure Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh.

Shout-outs to Indapop and C for listening to my problems and offering advice.

This project has been both a lot of fun, and a huge headache! This same script was featured in the recent CMR 52 nexus, but I wanted to give a bit of an explanation for it, as well as see if I could make anything that's vanilla-compatible.

I actually started working on this shortly after rainbows, but getting some of the optimizations working took a lot of trial and error. The original idea for the script was to take an image as input, and build the image out of props. Unfortunately, it turns out that when every pixel is a prop, most images are HUGE and cause tonnes of lag. to get the level of detail I wanted for the CMR nexus, I needed to use scaled props.

To reduce lag while still keeping a high level of detail, the script tries to cover large sections of a solid color with a single prop, but this has its own issues. Props cannot be placed with perfect precision. each block is made up of 48 x 48 positions, so when working with tiny props, snapping to this grid can actually cause big problems. Also, scaled props can only choose from a fixed set of sizes. This is why some of the images in the CMR nexus have lines of the wrong color showing, because a larger prop was not the exact size it needed to be to line up. A bunch of possible solutions were tested, but in the end what ended up working was manually figuring out which props at which scales could cover which areas, and feeding that info into the script. Turns out box props are very good for making squares.

This map however, doesn't bother with any of that. The smallest prop in the game is the small machinery light, and with a small enough image, you can just barely get something recognizable to fit on screen. the plus-side is that without using scaled props, even vanilla players can play the map! (although sublayer fog triggers make it look completely different)

This map has roughly 10,000 props, and the CMR nexus has roughly 50,000 props. If anybody is interested in adding images to their maps, message me on discord! hope you enjoy!

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said Jul 23, 2017
Super Administrator
It looks great.
said Jul 23, 2017
Wow :O
said Jul 23, 2017
hmm any idea why mine looks like this http://i.imgur.com/GLEX5cR.png I would like to see pretty things :'(
said Jul 23, 2017
Unfortunately, vanilla dustforce and old versions of dustmod do not support Sublayer-Fog triggers, which is what gives the map so many colors.

For most versions of dustforce, the newest build of Dustmod is available here >

but unfortunately if the version you use is not listed there (mac/linux Steam version), there's (currently) no way to see it properly. in that case, you could always bug MSG in the Discord group to add support for that version ;)

If you need any help with getting it set up, either posting here or in the discord group should be answered fairly quickly
edited Jul 23, 2017
said Jul 24, 2017
Ah, I see! Thank you :))
Shin Rekkoha
said Jul 23, 2017
Now do it with 7 layers.

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