dash and slide

by 6000j
created Jun 26, 2017
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map notes
Finally got it done. The last part is worse than the others,  but it hopefully all holds together. is poosible with all chars, but kid will be super hard. I call the end jumps "full jumps".

Please yell at me about any existing and/or made up problems with the map.

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said Jul 3, 2017
I really like this map!
the fog trigger looks nice and it's easy to see everything, which is more than can be said for a lot of first maps.

Each of the sections is really cool, and it takes advantage of a bunch of mechanics. the boosting section is crazy fast and feels awesome when it works, the air control sections are tight enough to be challenging without being claustrophobic. And I think no dash is an interesting mechanic! wonder what other ways there are to use it. yes, it is quite a few different ideas to put in a single map, but I'd argue that any longer map ends up like that.

small nitpick, the final air section before the climb part is a bit hard to see ahead the first time through. it's possible to improve that by having the camera zoom out just before the fall.

please make more!

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