Neon Rainstorm

by Mrfirestorm
created Jun 14, 2017
323 views | 1556 downloads

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map notes
I'm reuploading it because of lag issues, hopefully this resolves it.

Hey, so please use dustmod for this, the map should be playable without it but it has actual visuals and and easier to see dust as well as other things. Either way thanks for playing! got a sudden urge to make more maps so expect to see more from me maybe.

Recommended music:
ps: Timmy I know you're going to get annoyed at the fact that it isn't 10+ minutes but, the only longer of that version of the song I could find was 6 minutes and it was a faster tempo so just loop it will ya is the link to the oringal if you want more rain/want to see/play against the old leaderboards. sorry for anyone who grinded if you did.
retagged Jun 14, 2017


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