by Shin Rekkoha
created Jun 13, 2017
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map notes
"Oh no" - ANGRY Vole

   I had an idea for part of a layout in a single screen map while at work.  I have other dust projects on indefinite hold while I finish a mountain of other things, but this idea seemed like it would be a quick map.  Well that didn't happen.  I ended up taking 2 separate days and a few hours to finish this through constant changes, even though I kept the art very basic.  I wanted to return to maps where expertly crafted tiles are the charm instead of overusing a gimmick.  It turned out thoroughly mediocre, but I practice effective time management and call it done.

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edited Jun 13, 2017


Shin Rekkoha
said Jun 13, 2017
Sorry about the parts with rapid-fire inputs that I can't do, that are causing a big variance in SS times.  It's Linley's fault.  Git gud.
said Jun 13, 2017
if it's not ibums's fault it's Linley's

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