by Mattermonkey
created May 27, 2017
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map notes
I made a map with some of those big prisms with small prisms inside them.


said May 27, 2017
really well built around the double-prism mechanic
said May 27, 2017
- Would've been good to have the platforms be visually distinguishable from the spikes tiles; particularly the last platform took me a while to recognise as one, which made that section very confusing.
- The difficulty feels a bit strange in places, with most of the map being somewhere between trivial-easy, and then there are three 3-tile-gaps to downdash-dash into. I think the map would overall feel a bit more cohesive if it was either difficult all the way through, or those were 4-tile-gaps.
- I'd prefer the first patch of dust on the long platform not to be there, so one could Groundboost there, rather than just walking over it.

Overall a very fun map; simple enough, good flow, and Dustkid gets to ignore the entire premise! :P
Enjoyed grinding this for a bit, you're pretty good at making these basic air control maps feel interesting :)
said May 27, 2017
Extension: That apple route is pretty sweet, I just hate apples. Good shit to skyhawk though o/
said May 27, 2017
yeah the apple route was awesome!

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