by IsaVulpes
created May 24, 2017
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map notes
First actual real attempt at some kind of art. Please comment and give feedback/criticism!

Warning: This map used to be really really stupid, and now it's still kinda stupid.
It's made for Man; I think Worth can't do this at all, and Kid at least requires a jorf?
Might be wrong, since I didn't ask anyone to playtest; at its core, this is just an art practice map.
Thanks to C for "testing" the art and giving me lots of advice!

E: Apparently Kid doesn't require a jorf, and Worth can totally do this! Good stuff
edited May 25, 2017


said May 24, 2017
When I was first playing this, I was super irritated by all the tight spaces and precise positioning required, but I thought to myself "at least it's visually pleasing"
Now that I know this is an art practice map, I don't think it's as stupid as I thought it was before.

Also, Kid doesn't require a jorf.
said May 25, 2017
Waypoints being so much ahead of the spawn points feels off. Intuitively I'd expect reaching the spawn point platform to be enough.
said May 25, 2017
It's intentional, so you have to do it correctly (rather than dying as you reach the platform and being able to move on) & actually can practice getting to the checkpoint (rather than having to disable checkpoints midway through). I always find it very annoying to have the checkpoint trigger right at the checkpoint spawn.
said May 25, 2017
It's a bit of a trap the first time you encounter the last point, where you can get a checkpoint after you've smashed the prism if you didn't already know how to proceed.
said May 25, 2017
That is definitely unintended :( Only noticed after publishing, but also wouldn't know what to do about it - that one DEFINITELY is a spot where people can't just be allowed to die and then spawn in the correct position.
Shin Rekkoha
said May 25, 2017
All art is pretentious.  Bashing art is equally pretentious.
said May 25, 2017
How about bashing people that bash art?

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