Dont Blink

by MNTempest
created May 3
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map notes
Uff-Da, I sure hope you grabbed Long Arms and Rhino Skin for this one! JK it's not that hard, MAJOR SHOUT OUTS TO SHIN_REKOHA for giving me a line of a spiral allowing me to trace it and thicken it out lol.

Hope you enjoy


Shin Rekkoha
said May 3
I just kind of zooped and booped a little but you did the real bamboozle kerfuffle.
said May 4
Holy shit that background. Also yay for nuclear throne love
said May 4
i'm glad someone appreciates it :)
said May 9
Background felt incredibly spacious! Was very cool to look at.

Not a big fan of the dust block with a heavy prism in it, especially as Worth. Could have been a smaller prism in front or back of it to make it more obvious, or if there is a heavy prism, then the dust block 1 tile wide so it's easier to see it. The section where the any% and normal route meet confused me at first as well.

Liked that you highlighted where the dust was with visuals. Flowed well and was fun :D

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