Cyber Complex

by ArcaneGunner
created Apr 9
231 views | 108 downloads

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said Apr 9
It's long alright. Might be the longest non-compilation/exploration map on atlas.
said Apr 9
Awesome map! I kept getting fooled by the clusters thinking it would be the end. This map is really long!

One thing to look into would be camera paths. There's a few points in the map where there's a completely blind drop and you just have to have faith that there's ground offscreen. Cameras can zoom out for a bit to make that less of an issue
said Apr 9
This level is so long I lost my first run because my controller died halfway through
said Apr 9
Great map.
As said above, the camera could use some work, you're left guessing were to go next for a lot of the map.
If it weren't for that I would have rated it higher.
said Apr 9
this should have the marathon tag instead of long
said Apr 9
"Okay this prism formation is the ending for sure!"  annnnd it continues
said Apr 9
I just looked at the very ending, omg i quit RIGHT BEFORE IT LOL
said Apr 9
I understand that the challenge in this map is supposed to be the length. Although as it is now, it's more up to chance whether you'll be able to SS it first try or not (as opposed to skill). There are some important cues missing which lead you through a map like cameras or background scenery. After every bunch of prisms there is no clear way to tell where you should go.

I largely enjoyed the map but I felt like most of the blind parts are very unfair.
said Apr 10
Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
I will likely continue to make maps(probably not as long as this one as this one took me months), and try to improve on their quality and difficulty.
said Apr 15
The Odyssey of Dustforce
said Apr 27
Was surprisingly fun to play for about 5 minutes.... but I do agree with what others are saying. It needs some minor camera work as it was hard to know where to go or where to fall, which ruined at least 2 of my runs and I gave up after that. Also while it was cool, I am just not sure what the point was... other than just saying you have a really long map. It's concept didn't warrant the length as far as I can tell.

One positive thing is that the prism and dust block decorations were really cool!

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