by Linley
created Mar 26, 2017
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map notes
Everyone loves pancakes so I figure you will like this map.

Doesn't have fake floors, invisible wolves or infini walls anymore


said Mar 26, 2017
not a dustworth map
said Mar 26, 2017
said Mar 26, 2017
I like both pancakes and this map.

Even though dustgirl has a difficult time with the first jump.
said Mar 26, 2017
I had so much fun with this map. 10/10
said Mar 27, 2017
Pancakes cooked with Light Pollution ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱
said Mar 29, 2017
Can someone tell me how to move without using a charge when you're on the ceiling?
said Mar 29, 2017
A mapler is when you use your ceiling run charge at a later time.   To accomplish this you hold only the directional input up then you use the ceiling run charge by  hitting left or right.  You probably have been using the charge at the start of a ceiling run so you didn't have it for use when trying to make the distance
said Mar 30, 2017
Damn.. so easy and i just didn't even think of it. Thank you for answer :D !
said Mar 30, 2017
Not a huge fan of this one tbh. Just didn't really have any fun sections or movement imo. The area with the dust all around the squares was cool, but it seemed like there were too many of them.

Also, one of the ceilings is near impossible with dustworth unless you get a groundboost by jumping backwards, then airdash jump the opposite direction into a buffered jump and then into the ceiling (thanks again Indapop -_-). Gotta stress the importance of play testing with all characters as its a really easy fix of moving the platform forward one tile. Otherwise just let us know in a note or comment on the map page.

Also the visuals weren't as enticing as some of your recent virtual maps (ie: March gloom, and Sodapop and some more that I am too lazy to go into your back catalog to look up :D)

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