by Hoshikudaki
created Jul 7, 2012
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map notes
My attempt of making a level longer than my last 2 also played with the fog triggers. Goes through a few level settings.

Edit: Newer version here
edited Jul 12, 2012


said Jul 7, 2012
Super Administrator
Woo, check out my run :)
said Jul 8, 2012
this map is WAAAAAY long for my taste :(
said Jul 8, 2012
nooo you beat my time :(
said Jul 8, 2012
gotta do something to make that map shorter, don't I? :D
said Jul 8, 2012
Lots of great ideas!  I really like how you got those leaf rock guys hidden; that gave me a good surprise!  I loved the transitions between sections and the fog triggers gave each a unique vibe.  I still can't believe you managed to make a space man with a cape!  And of course you can't go wrong with coming full circle :)

I thought the length was fine.  A longer map every now and then is refreshing!

Cons:  stupid leaf dog things... Also, you should learn how to set up a good camera node path.  It's a little tricky to learn at first, but having the camera zoom out at some places would've helped alot!
edited Jul 8, 2012
said Jul 8, 2012
Thanks for the feedback, I plan to use camera nodes in my next level. For now I'm learning the editor step by step.

The level was longer than anticipated since I wanted to finish the level at the start. The room with the knights would of been the end.
said Jul 11, 2012
The first few times i played this map i thought i had to go around the top of that very first loop and i ended up falling through the level...

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