Apple Climb

by Skyhawk
created Feb 25
132 views | 176 downloads

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map notes
Tired of apple maps yet?

There's quite a few apple related situations where climbing a spiked wall with an apple is required, but I have never tried climbing a tera-jump with an apple before.

The spawn is placed right below the Tera jump, so if you don't press a direction it should work.

This map is AppleSS-able with all characters, meaning it's possible to hit all of the apples, and still SS the level.

But good luck actually doing it!
edited Feb 25


said Feb 25
I managed to hit the two apples to the right but i couldnt get back up :(((  2 hard 4 me
said Feb 25
No mercy for the rest of my apples
said Feb 25
I had a lot of fun playing it, i'm not going for the apple SS tho

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