Lost Keys

by TwinkieSWF
created Jan 23, 2017
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map notes
This is a remastered version of a map I made a while back called Apartment Complex, which is a remastered version of a map I made an even longer time ago called Best Friendos.

Best Friendos was a map that I quickly threw together so that JM and Sivade could play local co-op at SQDQ 2016, using one of the first versions of local co-op Dustmod had to offer. Once online co-op started becoming a reality, I revisited Best Friendos and modified it into a map that looked like it was made by someone who almost knew what they were doing. Later on, I was able to use feedback from the previous maps to make a (hopefully) finalized version of this map.

This map is intended for Dustforce 2P Co-Op, but can be played solo.
retagged Feb 9, 2017


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