Parallax Abuse

by Wahoa
created Jan 15, 2017
423 views | 3490 downloads

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map notes
Enable midground in video options for the intended effect.

Over a year ago not long after msg555 released dustmaker I had this idea and put it together fairly quick. It's the only map I've ever made so the gameplay sucks and I wanted to redo it from scratch with a bunch of other cool shit, but never got around to it. It has been sitting on my HDD forever, so I decided I'd just post it. Apologies for any issues it might have.


said Jan 15, 2017
said Jan 15, 2017
said Jan 15, 2017
It made my head hurt but it was worth it
said Jan 15, 2017
Really cool and I think it's also fun to play. Nice to see a map made with dustmaker!
said Jan 15, 2017
She was a day tripper/
a Sunday driver yeah/
It took me so long/
 to find out, and I found out...
said Jan 15, 2017
I'm pretty sure I already played this map.
said Jan 15, 2017
Technically an old version has been up on the atlas for a long time but invisible, only reachable with the right link, dustforce://installPlay/5630/ -- I did that to let a friend try it out without posting it. At the time I was curious if anyone else would come across it somehow, perhaps that's what happened.

An old version of the base map (that gets run through a script to be processed into the actual map) is also on the atlas, if anyone's curious to see that: dustforce://installPlay/5635/
said Jan 16, 2017
I've played a lot of random maps, which have hidden maps included, and currently I have the entire archive as of 4 months ago.  I've played a lot of hidden maps by this point.
said Jan 15, 2017
I missed the end prism cause I was too stunned

Then I ran around the end with what seems to be invisible collision

I feel like I'm going to throw up and I love it
said Jan 16, 2017
Really pretty

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