Infinite wall jump

by czulki
created Jun 28, 2012
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/ 5 votes

map notes
Not a real map just wanted to share this little gimmick/glitch.

Note: so far I have noticed its easiest to do with dustman, holding right when on the wall [don't press up] and jumping with a steady rhythm. Spamming the jump key won't be as efficient. Afaik you can do this infinitely as long as you keep the momentum.  

Watch my replay to see how its done.
edited Jun 28, 2012


C. Cleveland
said Jun 28, 2012
wow. at first i thought: this is dumb.
what an interesting game mechanic. thanks for sharing
said Jun 28, 2012
Great discovery! <3
said Feb 19, 2013
Oh sweet, this is how I get to night temple!, Ive used this for a long time just never see good spots for it to be used.
said Nov 10, 2013
this is dumb.

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