Twirly Tower

by GoodnightGirl
created Oct 17, 2016
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map notes
That's right. The ultimate meme category.

Rules: No frame advance or debug menus allowed. Start a timer, pick a character, and use the tower to perform a twirly - (skip to 5:40) as your chosen character. Once successfully done, complete the course by hitting the hedgehog at the bottom. Quit the level, and repeat until process has been completed with all characters. Time ends when you hit the last enemy. The twirly does not have to happen on the same life you complete the level.

The level is a long, flat tower, with death barriers outwards on either side, and spikes at the bottom in case you need to try again. You will respawn at the top without the opening overlay showing up. Super is also given in case you fall a lot and want to make up some height, but given all the death barriers that probably won't be necessary.

Try doing this race with friends, or post your times in the comments.

I made this cause I was bored

s/o to JM and Sivade
edited Oct 9, 2017


said Oct 17, 2016
game crashed when i killed the porcupine. 5/5
said Oct 17, 2016
pls no twirly!
said Oct 18, 2016
Dustman -
Dustgirl -
Dustkid - DNF - She seems different to other characters and I can't do it.
Dustworth -

All of these were done consecutively but I forfeited the Dustkid run and just moved on to worth which I got easily

2HOURSLATEREDIT: Lol I just went back and I got it with Dustkid first try.

COMPLETION TIME: 2+ hours from start to finish
Actual time spent playing: Less than 5 minutes
edited Oct 18, 2016

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