Memes v2

by TheSilverOne
created Oct 6, 2016
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/ 1 vote


map notes
Thanks to the people who commented and helped me finish this level


Luke's Cat
said Oct 6, 2016
This is much better!
said Oct 8, 2016
Not bad for a first level!  I'd try to work on the flow though.  The level follows a pattern of "safe platform with checkpoint", "obstacles", "safe platform with checkpoint".  All of the safe platforms break the feeling of this being one level.  I'm not saying they shouldn't be there, but you can give players options to be moving faster through those sections (ramps leading into them, ceiling runs that totally skip them but hit the checkpoint, ect.)  Also the difficulty is all over the place.  The first turkey early on is moderately difficult (comparable to the ceiling run in kilo at least) but you include some very simple simple wall climbsand enemy chains later on.  Also, having the dust blocks go right into the spike wall at the end feels unnecessary.  

When you make levels in the future, think about what sort of map you want to make, especially the difficulty level, and the overall speed of the level.  Then focus on following that to make the map consistent in that goal.

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