Virtual Marble

by Hoshikudaki
created Jun 17, 2012
353 views | 682 downloads

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map notes
Quick & simple map with a freestyle approach to clearing it.


said Jun 17, 2012
Lovely little level, with a great clever look. I really like these kinds of non-linear, quick levels, and this works great as one. Just wish some of the edges were a little further - I found myself sometimes restarting because there was a tiny speck of dust on the walls.

said Jun 17, 2012
Thank you for the comment, I've also notice getting dust on the walls after trying to optimizing route after uploading the map, though I did like using a wall run with a jump in some areas since with the angle of the wall u can jump into range of some of the upper targets.
said Jun 17, 2012
Yeah, I was wondering if that had to do with it. There's one or two blocks which give a single piece of dust on the wall, which is a little annoying, but mostly it's no biggie as it's just another way to optimize your run.
said Jun 17, 2012
I usually hate maps where you only have to clear enemies but I really enjoyed this one. The dust on the wall isn't really a problem, it actually forces you to hit the blocks at perfect angles adding an interesting difficulty. Well done.
said Jun 20, 2012
Amazing. I like levels like this one. Great job.

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