The End

by TwinkieSWF
created Aug 17, 2016
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retagged Apr 6, 2017


said Aug 17, 2016
I get near the end and mess up.  Really fun though!
said Dec 6, 2016
Is this stage even possible with Dustkid? I can't seem to get to the wall after the second loop no matter what I try.

Edit 1: Ok, I got past the part by saving a jump on the previous loop. But this stage is so much harder than Yotta for Dustkid it is kind of crazy.

Edit 2: Maybe I was a little too quick to judge it. It might not exactly be harder than Yotta to SS, it is just much harder to figure out how to do the stage, so it took me forever to get the SD.
edited Dec 6, 2016

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